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Serving Our Community
Through Friends of the Library
by Jean Craig
I have been an active member of Friends of Union County Library for several years now and have continued to derive a high level satisfaction from the activity. I feel that I am serving our community by serving with Friends of the Library. Our Union County Public Library has been a great asset not only to my own family throughout the years, but it is obviously a resource for many in our county. As the library grows, so does the opportunity for enriching lives through reading and research and computer technology. Being a Friends of the Library member has enriched my life by knowing that as I serve in my small way, I am part of a whole that is making our community better.
Are You Still A Friend?
by Judith Vaughn
The 2002 membership drive began in October when renewal forms were included in the newsletter and two articles written by Pattie Hamilton, publicity chair, appeared with membership forms in North Georgia News. (Many thanks to Kenneth West, general manager of NGN, for publishing the articles free of charge!)
Response has been disappointingly slow. On December 31, we had 187 members; on January 1, we had only 63. Why? Because so many of our members have yet to renew.
If you have not renewed your membership. please take a few moments from your busy life to do so. Membership categories are:  
 Junior (age 12 and under), $1.00
 Individual, $8.00
 Family, $12.00
 Patron, $25.00
 Donor, $50.00
 Sponsor, $100.00
Together we are making a difference for our library and our community!
Michelle Maloney has volunteered to serve as new chair of the membership committee. Thank you, Michelle!
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