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January 2003
A Quarterly Publication
THE NEW 2003
Friends of the Library
Officers and Committee
President:Jean Craig    745-3526
Vice President: Judy Shaner      745-5746 Treasurer: Michelle Rice          745-0762
Secretary:: Judy Vaughan (Temp)       745-3521
Membership: Michelle Maloney
Publicity: Pat Scott            745-1280
Social: Jane Thompson       745-5240
Newsletter: Ken Johnson       745-1704
Staff Appreciation: Judy Shaner       745-5746
    Union County Library Board
Librarian:Wilma Ash
Superintendent:Tommy Stephens
Mayor:Dennis Garrett
Commissioner:Lamar Paris
Sylvia Tumage
Royna Mae Cobb
Virginia Jordan
Jane Thompson
Gwen Connelly
Janie Collins
Paula Davenport
                 by Judith Vaughn
The following slate recommended by the nominating committee was unanimously accepted at the November meeting:
Jean Craig - President  Jean has served as secretary for two years, during which she has added grace and charm (and a laptop) to the proceedings.
Judy Shaner - Vice President  Judy begins her third year as veep. She will continue to serve as staff appreciation chair and is particularly interested in facilitation of the Books for Babies program.
Michelle Rice - Treasurer  Miki is a new member who has jumped in with enthusiasm. She is a retired math teacher and can do complicated sums in her head(!).
Vacant - Secretary  No one has come forward to serve as secretary.   If the position is still vacant when it's time for the January meeting,
Judy Vaughn has agreed to fill in if she may use (read "play with")
Jean Craig's laptop for the minutes.
Leaving service are Pat Scott and Joseph Adams, who have filled the offices of president and treasurer, respectively, for the past three years. They have devoted hundreds of hours to their offices, serving with dignity and good humor.
Continuing as committee chairs are Michelle Maloney, membership, Ken Johnson, newsletter, Jane Thompson, social, and Judy Shaner, staff appreciation.  Pat Scott has agreed to take Pattie Hamilton's place as publicity chair.
Those who actively participate in the business of Friends of the Library find it to be a rewarding undertaking. If you, too, are interested in participating, please join us at the monthly meetings, third Wednesdays, 2:00 p.m., library multi-purpose room.  We look forward to another joyful, productive year supporting our public library.
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