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Donna Howell - Our New Director
by Jane Thompson
Our new Mountian Regional Library System Director is Donna W. Howell. Many of you already know Donna as the Assistant Director working closely with Director Teresa Haymore since 1990.
Donna was born in Murphy, North Carolina, and raised in Cherokee, Bryson City, and Marble, North Carolina. She attended Western Carolina University where she received her Bachelor of Science Degree in 1987. She received her Master of Library and Information Degree at Louisiana State University in 1988. Further education was at the University of Georgia and University of South Carolina. As an undergraduate and graduate she was always an honor student and belonged to many honor ogranizations.
As Assistant Director, Donna has been involved in all aspects of the library system from administrative functions, long- and short-range planning, training and supervision of staff, policy formation, and grant writing. She has served as system and accounts administrator for the computer systems and networks, creating web pages coordinating public service for the three- county library system. She has also had much experience from Research Associate at Louisana University to the Bookmobile Librarian at Nantahala Regional Library System.
Donna belongs to seven different professinal library organizations, one being the Association of Rural and Small Libraries.  She currently serves on the Blue Ridge Mountain Arts Associaion Grass Roots Arts Council. She is Historian for the Fannin County Veteran's Memorial Project and served on the Georgia Humanities Council Grant Application Review Committee. These are just a few of the organizations she is involved with. Too numerous to mention them all. But the most important ones Donna has been involved in and supports are the Friends of the Library in all three counties in the system. She was last here for our Friend Raiser.
Her hobbies are, naturally, reading plus cooking, sewing, music, and gardening. How does she have time?!
We will miss Teresa and are grateful for the great job she did as Director. We feel very fortunate in having Donna pick up the reins.  Make a point to come meet her on August 18, 7:00 p.m. on our library lawn!
Membership Notes
by Fran Scanlon-Sills
We have passed the mid-point for our year and the combined renewal appeals included with the April Newsletter and the Cakes Galore Friend Raiser have proved very successful. Nothing like sweetening the deal! Between the two reminders, 33 of the 76 forgetful Friends re-upped! Thanks for your continuing support. We need every one of you. (For the curious number crunchers among us, that means we have a 70% renewal rate.)
The Friend Raiser garnered nine new members: Welcome!! (Sorry, fellow crunchers, but there are no comparative figures for new folks from last year. However, new members this year constitute 42 % of the total membership [112 of 264] for 2005. Way to go, Newbies!)
Since membership dues are currently the primary source of funding for the programs and assistance that Friends offers the library, each and every membership is important. Thank you all for your continuing support. We look forward to seeing you at our monthly meetings on the third Wednesday of each month.
Treasurer's News
by Miki Rice
Big hugs to all our generous members. We continue furnishing new mothers with the Books for Babies packets at Union General Hospital. Funding the children's summer reading program and the library's magazine subscriptions are two of the latest efforts of FOUCL.
I, personally, would like to thank Reck Niebuhr for his continuing contributions. He has built shelving for the large print books and the children's videos. He has also put together a cart to be used for shelving books. All of us, especially his wife Judi, appreciate the convenience of rolling the books to the stacks instead of lugging a few at a time. Reck is working on the outside entrance to the multi-purpose room.
Account balances:
CD $5,630.78
Savings $3,440.14
Checking $4,676.15
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