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October 2004
A Quarterly Publication
Friends of Union County
Officers and Committee Chairpersons
President: Jean Craig              
Vice President: Judy Shaner                  
Treasurer: Michele Rice                    
Secretary: Jeanie Bullock  
Membership:    (Unfilled)
Publicity: Fran Scanlon-Sills          
Social: Jane Thompson                      
Staff Appreciation: Judy Shaner                    
Newsletter: Ken Johnson                    
E-: Judith Vaughn            
Union County Library Board
Librarian: Susie Brendle Superintendent: Tommy Stephens
Mayor: Ray Pott
Commissioner: Lamar Paris
Peggy Calloway
Debbie Kendrick
Teresa Colwell
Angie Burns
Casey Potts
Mignon Tucker
          by Fran Scanlon-Sills
It's that time again!  October is here and its once again time to renew your membership in  Friends.  With the current state of the economy locally, state-wide, and nationally, it is more important than ever to show your support.   Budgets have been slashed and the Friends organization is helping to make up the short fall as much as possible.
We will continue to provide informational packets to new mothers with our Books for Babies campaign.  Special programs are funded throughout the year, especially for young readers; our financial support makes possible the purchase of desirable equipment and fixtures that otherwise might not be available to patrons.
In a forward-looking stance, we are also planning to substantially bolster the "New Library Fund" to make our mark on a new facility when it comes into being in the not too distant future.  (You will recall that the SPLOST initiative, which Union County voters approved this spring, has earmarked seed funds for construction of a new library.)
Remember:  Every member is a valued member.  We need you.  Please rejoin  and encourage a friend to come on board! It's easy.  Simply clip out the membership renewal form on page 3, fill it out, and send it in. We will take care of all the rest.
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