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National Library Week Is April 14 To 20
During this week you could:
* Introduce someone new to the library.
* Honor a friend or loved one with an engraved shelf plate.
* Purchase a book in the name of a friend.
* Purchase a magazine subscription.
*Take a child to the library for the first time to get a library card in their name (even babies!).
* Volunteer a couple of hours a week to organize the book sale room or shelve books.
* Donate books that are overcrowding your shelves (or maybe a Book-On-Tape or a video).
* Encourage someone who is not a member to join our Friends group.
On The Shelf
By Jenny and Joseph Adams
There is a book, The Rosewood Casket by Sharyn McCrumb, in Union County Public Library that is a fictional account of the death and funeral of an elderly Southern Appalachian farmer. The main character, knowing that he is near death, plans his own funeral. One request is that his four sons build him a casket out of a stock of rosewood that has been carefully saved for the purpose. Another request is that a "Scripture Cake" be served at the funeral. (The  recipe is found within the book.)  The book, although fictional, introduces some of the history and customs of the Southern Appalachians as background for the old man's wishes. Another part of the story line is the impact of modernization on not only the old customs, but on the mountains themselves. The library also has additional titles by Ms. McCrumb.
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