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The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
by Jane Thompson
In 2001 the Mountain Regional Library system received an initial grant for computers from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. This foundation has donated computers to libraries all over the country. These computers, connected by the internet, are strictly for the library patrons. The library system now has a total of twentyone computers. Some of the original Union County Library Gates computers were severely damaged by the "great flood" but two were saved and are being used now. New ones will be replaced and will be installed after the painting of the library.
Computers have become such a major part of libraries today that we offer many thanks to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation for their past and continued donations to our library.
Spending Money
by Miki Rice
Look for information on the new bulletin board behind the checkout desk at the library. FOUCL purchased the board and materials ($139.60) to help keep everyone abreast of library news. A new 27" Panasonic TV with DVD/VCR ($513.88) has been installed in the LaVon Butt multi-purpose room, as well as a new screen ($76.65) for showing filmstrips and slides. Numerous community groups take advantage of the equipment and it has certainly made the children's programs easier to manage. We continue to fund the Books for Babies program ($300 approximately every 3 months).
Bank Balances:
CD $5,630.78
Savings $3,437.69
Checking $4,808.37
Total $13,876.84
by Miki Rice
The big freezer is out of the library. Our raffle garnered exactly $500.
Andrea Compton was the winner of the freezer. Madaline Kapler won the microwave and Steve Burgess collected the rolling cooler. Thanks to Maurice Farabee, Jane Thompson, Linda Garrett and Ron and Fran Wallace for manning the library raffle table.
Margaret Priest helped out at Ingles on one of the few fair-weather days. We can't forget the library staff who also graciously handled ticket sales. Thanks to all!
New Video Tapes in the Library
by Jean Crain  
Approximately 300 videos were donated to the library by Fred Blumberg. Fred has been a member since 1998, when his mother passed away.
His mother, Florence Blumberg, was one of the original committee of founding members of Friends of the Library and she served as membership chairman. Florence was a very talented lady, not only with a heart for the library and literacy, but also as an excellent opera singer. She enjoyed teaching and helping others, and she is missed by many.
Fred, thank you for your huge donation of the videos and for carrying on your family tradition of supporting the Friends of Union County Library!!
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