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January 2005      
A Quarterly Publication
Thank You, "Miss LaVon"!
by Jene  Thompson
Friends of Union County
Officers and Committee Chairpersons
President: Jean Craig                
Vice President: Judy Shaner                  
Treasurer: Michele Rice                    
Secretary: Jeanie Bullock    
Membership:    (Unfilled)
Publicity: Fran Scanlon-Sills          
Social: Jane Thompson                      
Staff Appreciation: Judy Shaner                    
Newsletter: Ken Johnson                    
e-: Judith Vaughn
Union County Library Board                  
  Librarian: Susie Brendle
  Superintendent: Tommy Stephens
  Mayor: Ray Potts
  Commissioner: Lamar Paris
Peggy Calloway
Debbie Kendrick
Casey Potts
Mignon Tucker
Teresa Colwell
Angie Burns
From left to right:Wilma Ash, Teresa Haymore, LaVon Butt, Susie Brendle
On October 2, 2004, the Union County Library Board honored Mrs. LaVon Butt by naming the library's multi purpose room "The LaVon Butt Multipurpose Room". She was recognized for work during her ten years of employment with the Mountain Regional Library System and for her unceasing effort to get a full time library for the citizens of Union County. As Mrs.Teresa Haymore did not become director until the library was almost completed, it was with former director Mrs. Hellen Kimsey that Mrs. Butt and others made many trips to Atlanta to secure funding. The state does not buy existing buildings for libraries, so a special act of the legislature was needed. Mr. Carlton Colwell was instrumental in getting this done. Various agencies including Union County, the City of Blairsville, the Union County Board of Education, and Union County Bank contributed the necessary matching monies in order to get the state money, a nine-to-one match. Of the $500,000 from the state, $240,000 of this went to Union County Bank for the building.
All the hard work paid off and the Union County Public Library, a branch of the Mountain Regional Library System, opened February 6, 1989. Mrs. Butt has continued her promotion of the library by library board service, donations, and, always, by word of mouth. Without her push and enthusiasm we probably would not have gotten the library when we did. One of the first locations for the Union County Library was upstairs in the old courthouse. The books would have to be moved downstairs when court was in session and then moved back upstairs after court. It was also located in the Paris Building, which has since been moved. Then it was moved from a room in the middle of the Civic Center into its present location.
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