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by Fran Scanlon-Sills
If you jog your memory, you will remember that last year about this time our beloved library suffered a debilitating flood. Many of the affected areas have been successfully refurbished and the library was up and functioning in short order. But, close to a hundred books were damaged by the water, some more so than others. A relatively new approach was used to attempt to salvage these volumes: freezing them. Thanks to the timely donation of a 20 cubic-foot General Electric freezer by The Home Depot, eighty-one treasured books were placed in deep freeze.  
On November 2, Ms. Susie Brendle opened the freezer to determine the final state of these affected volumes.  Fifty-three of them have been replaced in the stacks. But unfortunately, some books were beyond salvage. Most of these were older works; some are difficult to find; and several were from revered Southern authors. Friends of the Library is joining with the library staff in an appeal to our most generous patrons in an attempt to replace these treasured volumes.  If you have a copy in your home library which you are willing to part with or if you know someone who is willing to donate their own copy, please let send it along to the library so the gap on the shelf can be filled.  
Hannah, Kristen On Mystic Lake
Hartman, Amir Net Ready
Higgins, Jack  Angel of Death, Eye of the Storm, On Dangerous     Ground,
 Hill, Grace Livingston According to the Pattern
Hoeg, Peter  Borderliners
Shuler, Linda Lay Let the Drum Speak, Voice of the Eagle
Sibley, Celestine A Plague of Kinfolks, Dire Happenings at     Scratch Ankle,
    Straight as an Arrow
Siddons, Anne Rivers Downtown, Foxs Earth, Up Island
Silva, Daniel  English Assassin, The Mark of the Assassin
Slaughter, Frank G. Devils Gamble, That None Should Die
Statham, Frances Patton The Roswell Women
Steel, Danielle  Mixed Blessings, No Greater Love
Stevenson, Robert Louis The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
Stewart, Eleanor Fair Vision
Vidal, Gore  Hollywood: A Novel of America in the 1920s
If you cannot get your book to the library, give it to a member of the Friends of the Library and we will be sure it arrives safely. Many, many thanks to the members have already replaced some of the missing titles. Together we are making a difference.
by Teresa P. Haymore, Director, Mountain Regional Library System
Public libraries in Georgia have received 160,381 music CDs with a total estimated retail value of $2,174,935. Mountain Regional's share of the bounty is 1,985 CDs that are valued at just over $27,000!  The CDs are part of a settlement agreement in a national class-action lawsuit against music companies and retailers, arguing that the companies were inflating consumer prices for music CDs. The companies involved in the suit did not admit any wrongdoing, but did agree to settle the lawsuit by distributing CDs valued at $75.5 million to public libraries and non-profit groups in 41 states.  Attorney General Thurbert Baker and the Georgia Public Library Service have worked in cooperation to distribute the CDs to Georgia's public libraries. The CDs include a variety of popular, classical, country, and world music titles. Assistance in cataloging from GPLS will also be provided to help our staff in processing the CDs, so that we may have them available to our patrons in the near future.  
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