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(Cashmere Shawl)
by Pat Scott
We will be selling tickets for a pashmina shawl during July, and the shawl will be raffled at The Butternut Creek Festival at Meek's Park on August 11. Tickets are 50 cents each or 3 for $1.00.
This shawl is a highly-prized fashion item, available at certain department stores for well over $100. Pashmina, from the Persian word for wool, comes from the old spelling of Kashmir. This fine wool comes from the undercoat of Himalayan goats, which live in the most remote regions of the Tibetan Plateau. For over a thousand years cashmere has been woven into shawls and blankets, prized by royalty for its softness, warmth, and long life.
Today, most of the world's pashmina shawls are woven on handlooms in India, and most are woven on a warp of spun silk for increased suppleness and strength. They can be washed gently in cold water with baby shampoo and laid flat to dry after pressing between two towels. They can also be dry cleaned.
by Jane Thompson
On September 14th at Poteete Creek Park we will be having a Friends of the Library picnic. This will be in lieu of our September 18 meeting. Bring a covered dish and we will supply drinks, plates, utensils, etc. Friends, family, and friends of Friends are welcome.. The picnic begins at 4:00 pm and will last until approximately 7:00 pm.
Leaving Blairsville, go 129 North for approximately 8 miles untill you get to the first traffic light. Take a left, which will be Nottley Dam Road or Road 325 (that is the same). Follow that road all the way across Nottley Dam (about 3 miles) . You will come to a little white church and cemetery on the left. Take the first road to the left after passing the church. When you get on that road it will take you into the picnic and beach area of Poteete Creek Park. There will also be a sign stating "Poteete Creek Recreational Area" when you turn left after passing the white church.
Any questions?
Call Jane Thompson at
Friends of the Library will have a table at the Butternut Creek Festival in Meek's Park on August 10 and 11. Stop by and say Hello!
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