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President' s Message:
A potential disaster for our library  (and all the libraries in the Mountain Regional Library System) has been averted! In April, the Towns County Board of Education decided to cut funding for their two libraries by 22 percent or over $11,000. Doesn't affect us, right? WRONG! State law designed to protect libraries says that libraries are only eligible for STATE and FEDERAL funding if local support is maintained at the same or higher level each year. So... as part of the Mountain Regional Library System, Union and Fannin would also have been ineligible for those funds. That would have meant no salaries for certified librarians, no bookmobile, no electricity, no phones or fax service, no children's programs, no internet or computer access, no books, magazines, newspapers or supplies.
However, a final decision by the Towns Board Of Education replaced the funds, so we can give a sigh of relief - a lesson well-learned of what could have been lost. Libraries are not allowed to charge fees or levy taxes. They were established so that all citizens would have free access to the world's knowledge. VIVA  LIBRARIES!
Union County Library statistics show a 27 % increase in circulation over the same quarter (Jan - Mar) of last year, and a 39% increase in storytime participants, a 46% increase in paperbacks, and 25% in books-on-tape. Way to go, Wilma and staff!
Union County Friends of the Library
Union County Library
P. O. Box 1029
Blairsville, GA 30514-1029
Mark your calendars!
at the library
Aug. 3
Poteete Creek Park
Sept. 14
Next General Meeting is Wednesday, July 17, at 2 p.m.
See you there!
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