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by Pat Scott
The ladies of the Mountain Laurel Needle Arts group have been working on a quilt the past few months which they are donating to Friends of the Library to raise funds which will be given to the Library in their name. This sampler quilt is queen sized and will be on display at the library until October 17.  Donations for a chance at this work of art are $1.00 each or six for $5.00. The winner will be notified by telephone so be sure to include your name and number on the back of your ticket before you drop it into the box. For more information please call Pat at (706) 745-1280.
by Jane Thompson
Good food, interesting conversation, and fun games for the children sum up our annual July summer picnic at Meeks Park. Many thanks to faithful Pattie Hamilton who came and helped Jane set up even though she was sick and could not stay for the picnic. Also, thanks to Judy Shaner who was responsible for the games. (Judy and Gordon had all their children and grandchildren there. They were delightful.) Thanks, too, to Pat Scott and everyone who stayed to help with clean up.
The social committee is open to new ideas for the summer get-together.  If you have ideas and suggestions you would like to share with us or would like to help on the social committeee, please get in touch with Jane Thompson at 745-5240 or email her at
by Pat Scott
Did you notice more cars in our parking lot with Towns or Fannin County plates recently? That's because Mountain Regional Library in Young Harris was closed for two weeks to have a new heating and air conditioning system installed. The library in Blue Ridge was closed all of September to allow for a move to another location as their building is being torn down to make room for a new city center.
Your Newsletter Committee
by Ken Johnson
Contrary to what you might think, the Newsletter Committee does not write the beautiful prose that graces these pages (except in a situation such as this). Your committee (me) assigns the various committee chair people and others to do the writing and I just put it together in a palatable way. At present, I am virtually the whole committee, but I am ably helped by others such as E.T. Thompson who keeps the a list of all members and prints out the mailing labels that appear on the back of this newsletter.
My job is simple: assign the work and the work schedule, scream if it isn't met, put it all together in the form you see here, and get it printed and mailed. Actually, I could use someone to help me. Their assignment would be writing various stories that the other committees cannot do or are not part of their job description. If you like to write (and you get a byline) please come to our next meeting.
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