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The Butternut Creek Festival
by Judith Vaughn
Once again Friends will have a membership table at the Butternut Creek Festival in Meeks Park.  The Festival dates this year are Saturday-Sunday, August 9-10. There will be a raffle for a literary basket donated by United Community Bank and a guest book signing by local author John J. Roberts, who has written Wilhelm's World: A Fly-Eyed View of Human Life.
If you are interested in serving a two-hour shift at the table, please contact Judith Vaughn at 745-3521 or  Taking a shift involves sitting at the membership table for two pleasant hours, chatting with other book lovers who pass by, answering questions about Friends of the Library, selling bookbags, memberships, and raffle tickets, and listening to some foot-tapping good country music.
Insurance Settlement
by Fran Scanlon Sills
After months of discussion and negotiation by Commissioner Paris' office on behalf of the Union County Library, a settlement has finally been reached for the damages resulting from last November's roof leak and subsequent flood. A payment in the amount of $15,000 will be forthcoming in the near  future.  The book  allotment is $10,000;  Wilma feels the figure is adequate to replace the volumes lost to the water. The remaining funds have been allocated for replacing the carpet.
Borrowing Books Through PINES and Other Interlibrary Loans
by Susie Brendle
As most of you know, to have your name put on the list for a particular book at our library, you just use the "RESERVE LIST" yellow pad located next to the circulation desk to request a book you would like to read.  (Please remember to write your full name and phone number on the Reserve List pad.) For those of you who have your own computer, you may put a hold on the book from home.  If you don't have your PIN number and instructions sheet, ask for them the next time you are in the library.  It goes without saying that in order to place a hold on a book you must have a library card.
Since we are on the PINES system, your library is almost statewide.  If the local library does not have the book you would like, you may give the author, title, and your name and phone number  to one of the staff at the circulation desk and they will place a SYSTEM hold on the book for you.  You may not place these holds from home.  The library staff has to do it.  There are no fees connected with these loans unless you are late returning the borrowed book. If the borrowed book is late there will be overdue fines.
If the book(s) is not in the PINES system, the library may request it from other libraries outside the system.  We do ask for $1.00 to help pay return postage.  Again, you will need to give a librarian the title and author along with your name and phone number to request these books.
If there are any questions about interlibrary loans, please stop by the library and ask one of the library staff.  Because of the possibility of loan errors, requesting books over the phone is not recommended.
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