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President's Message:
"Will we really need libraries now that we have the Internet?"  That is a question often asked of those who support libraries or work in them.  The answer is a resounding, "YES."
From the Friends of Libraries USA (FOLUSA) Newsupdate:
The American Library Association (ALA) has announced that two national studies recently released show Americans are using their libraries more than ever, and 91 percent of adults believe public libraries will play an important role in the future, despite all of the information available on the Internet.
Friends and librarians have long known that when the economy goes down, public library use goes up. But no one has been able to substantiate this belief with data - until now. The ALA contracted with the University of Illinois Library Research Center to study library use over the last five years at the 25 U.S. public libraries serving populations of one million or more. The study found that circulation has increased significantly since March 2001, when the National Bureau of Economic Research pegged the beginning of the latest recession....circulation was 8.3 percent higher and after September 11, exceeded the trend by 11.3 percent.
Also: "91 percent believe libraries are changing and dynamic places....90 percent believe libraries are places of opportunity for education, self help and offer free access to all...88 percent agreed libraries are unique because you have access to nearly everything on the Web or in print, as well as personal service and assistance in finding it...83 percent believe free people need free libraries; and libraries and librarians play an essential role in our democracy and are needed now more than ever."
If you have ever visited our own library on a Monday morning, or any day following a weekend or holiday, you understand how important our library is to our community.
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